new easy fnf moddin' in GDevelop 5 :p link:

Bruh this gonna be a while to make :|

But this project gonna be E P I C !!!

Make sure you get this game quickly! Daddy Dearest wants you dead as fuck.

It's basically like DDR, press arrow when arrow over other arrow. And uhhh don't die.

You WILL require the dope ass 2d game engine called GDevelop in order to open the open sourced version this DOPE ASS GAME!

Wanna dig deeper into the E P I C code? Check it out on GitHub:

You REALLY must play this DOPE ASS GAME but you gotta play the E P I C game by ninja_muffin99 called Friday Night Funkin' which is the original game by the way.

You can mod ALOTT more easier than having to learn Haxe

COMING SOON TO ANDROID USERS! Sorry iOS users but your devices just to hard to port why did you get it in the first place?

The game will soon be playable using PlayStation Controllers and Xbox controllers too.

Changelog avaliable on Github


ItsIceCreeperPE - PROGRAMMING [ - Twitter]

Funkin' Crew: 

@ninja_muffin99 - PROGRAMMING

@PhantomArcade3k and @evilsk8r - ARTISTS

@kawaisprite - TASTY ASS MUSIC

i used DOPE and E P I C to much i guess.(


Download on Github

Development log


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I like this engine


you're welcome

You have a crew! 😄😀


what the


it's the main thing I say

mmm ok