Collect Cats the game has leaderboards made in an hour or 2

I made it only for the GDevelop Game Jam #2 because I absolutely love GDevelop!

Because its made in an hour or 2 its pretty bad but i might make new updates but MIGHT

It has Leaderboards too on

You can also play this game -> here <- on


SmallPartner.apk 3 MB
Download 83 MB
Download 79 MB
Small-Partner-Linux.AppImage 82 MB


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I Thought for sure I had the NR. 1 score... but nooooo



3 hours, still can't find the cats, where are they 🤔


it hasnt been 3 hours, they are there spinning


I was joking! I like the concept, good luck! Too many cats tho :)


i tried to slow it down lol but thanks :D

yes it so hard

it not hard i got 2000 cats in less than 10 minutes

it was a joke

so see the leaderboard in the game.