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Welcome to Gacha Life 2 PC! 1/27/2022 - Gacha Life 2 released!

Dress up your own characters and gacha for free! You can customize your own character using different hairstyles, clothing parts, weapons, and more! Take up to 10 characters into Studio mode and set up amazing scenes to share with others!

This PC version of Gacha Life 2 is in development and the downloads are just previews. Full version coming soon!

I do not want to get into any trouble with Lunime and legal whatever stuff.

Install instructions

Download > Run in browser


Gacha Life 2.html 4 MB


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Game it's soo soo cool

Hope this Comes out on Android

probably will come out idk

Hello have html did't not start click and tap but gacha life 2.html on notepad been "" yet detected link sure Scratch

Thank You

i dont understand what you are tryna say...

lol have TurboWarp

i use that all the time 👌👌👌

When I'm on pc I can't tap the start

because i didn't give that a function

oh ok

Please hurry up with the game:-*

is gonna take time, i have other project's with higher priority than this project

Dam sorry:-* 😑

bro dont have to be rude its a game you need to be patient not all games are made overnight


miss I was respectfully not talking to u¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I can't playing it

coming to android soon with new stuff, probably wont have new stuff though just a joke game


Does anyone else start uncontrollably sobbing when the song “Baby” from Justin Bieber starts playing? that just me..?


what does this game have to do with Baby by Justin Biebar?



Nah ur just goofy and weird


would u be happy if someone say that to you, ik u not replying to me but still

Want me to be honest? I've heard worse. I have almost been jumped at like 3 times for being gay, i used to be constantly harassed for being gay, called ugly, etc etc. I mean I can take a punch(verbally not literally) so tbh, if someone said that to me i would be like. "lol, fr." so i wouldn't be happy but i wouldn't cry like a bitch over it either. :o the more you know, huh.

HI, when is finishes ?( ̄y▽, ̄)╭

idk :|


im busy with other more important projects sorry :/

(1 edit)

Oh ok!

(Btw I'm sorry for yelling at you)

its ok


got lots of stuff on my plate



i know its just a pic but can't wait to see the finished product!!


why is it just a picture

im still working on it making games are hard ok

just a pic


yea, for now

BRUH really this is a rip oof :(

it's not done his said

yeah i know but why post the title only T-T

hehe idk

No it's a picture.

i was working on it but ehhmm


bro wut is this

idk anymore

its only on the play screen but its ok but you should fix it so people can play

They said it's a joke game & unfinished.


what is this i doesn't work :(

because just the play screen.

it doesn't let me play

i didnt update it yet


because just the play screen.


yeah have dead updata but "Tap to Start" Hmmm PC and Moblie uh.. Luni's discord but gacha club dead updata year 2 android and ios and windows okey?? :c


i don't what you just said but it don't work yet im just tired working on multiple on-going projects

not ready, it didn't update, it was a gacha year, thanks 🤡 (I don't know how to update Gacha Club Luni year 2, I don't know about an insect, but mobile and PC)


ehh, i got some other projects going on too this was just a joke game but i will update idk when but soon

I was running the game but then i pressed to start it didn't work please fix it and replied to me if you fixed it!

that wasn't  implemented

Was you on pc?

it doesn't work for me...

when it said "tap to start" it doesnt work...

it dont work yet

I got a question. Have you added more than a touch screen

not yet, i got some trouble goin' on rn

(1 edit)

When it said tap screen and it didn't work

i only made menu, so ofc it didnt work sry


it's okay

Okay I will download this on my PC to see what the problem is. So cheers! 

And are you in contact with Lunime? Or is there a way I can personally thank him? Lol

(1 edit)

ok and also no im sadly and never will be in contact with Lunime. This is just fan-made ig



Deleted post


Don't work 😠😡🤬

explain the problem more, give me more detail

hola (hello!)



hii your back

Tap screen wont work for pc, and i've tried tapping it with m finger (Because my pc is touch screen) and it still wasn't working,.


He  said to me it's not done yet


Oh, Ok.

Because i didn't go that far

not working on PC


i have a pc but it wont work!

i need you to explain

my pc is old that why

(2 edits)

that cant be the reason, mine is 11 years old running windows 10(used to run windows 7) and it runs fine

show me the screenshot