I just wanted a another game for lunime but i know they'll never find soo yeah just soo DONT JUDGE!!!

Made in powerpoint.

U need powerpoint to run offline but a browser with HTML5 supported browser to run online. I wont update the online version played in browser.

If download fails then download it -> here<-  but pick the latest version.

Want to download previous versions of gachaness? Click that -> Gachaness Previous Versions

-We added a community

Click here to join the gachaness discord server

Click here to download old versions of Gachaness

Gachaness Community

Gachaness Devlogs

Gachaness Discord Server

Gachaness Website(Link 1)

Gachaness Website(Link 2 if Link 1 broken)

New updated droped but v0.2 beta can be downloadable since new version came in a few days.

Android and Windows version coming soon

Disclaimer for mobile users: 

Playing the game on android can ruin the gameplay because some settings are not there like, if the is a video and controls are hidden, on mobile they will be there. The music on the title screen, it will show the controls for it on title screen. There's more then just that, what if mobile does not support VBA scripts, future updates, won’t apply, we are looking for the perfect game engine, we looking for tutorials for GDevelop5 so we can make it for android and iOS which may come sooner because exporting for iOS is possible not on GDevelop5 YET but it is coming soon but we don't know when, so does the developer of GDevelop5.

StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android, HTML5
Rated 3.2 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, drees-up, Gacha, Gacha Club, gacha-life, gacha-studio, gachaverse, powerpoint
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen

Install instructions

First extract it then install powerpoint then run it.


Gachaness RELEASE v0.3[Recommended].zip 18 MB
Gachaness RELEASE v1.0.4[MAJOR UPDATE].zip 24 MB
Character Creator Test

Development log

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"What if we think, Outside of the box?" (My reaction:)"Say what now?"


@dar-kice please add an hp chromebook one I want to play but I can't :(

uhm, well you have to turn on developer mode which should allow you to install android apks, so then all u will have to do now is just wait for the big revamp supporting Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android(including chromebooks since dev mode allows you to install android apks)


Hey dar-kice i have a vid for you! Thanks for the update btw!






bro took "your game looks like a powerpoint presentation" to a whole new level /j


So does this work??

Simple, for now you download the zip, install Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or higher if you dont have it already then run the .pptm file. But the windows, mac, linux, android and web version is being worked on without the need of external applications. 

Ok im using android so yea take your time with it!



So whats this going to be about?

Just a fan made gacha game i thought of in 2020


can't wait can't wait i rilly want it


how to get it on pc?

Install PowerPoint, download the zip and run pptm file

how do you get it on ios apple iPad

Unfortunately at the moment you can't really play the game on any platform because the game is broken made in PowerPoint with Macros so I am making a better version for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android, for any other platforms like iPhones and iPads you will only be able to play the web version as I can't compile for Apple's Devices except MacOS.

Is This Safe To Download I'm On Android

it is safe but wont run well on android. im making new better version of the game for windows, macos, linux and android

hi here are some assets




It looks like it will be amazing! Take breaks if needed and I think you'll work your hardest! Can't wait to download it when it's finished! <3 :)

aw thx


I hope you succeed! And don't listen too these mean people who try and discourage you I believe it's hard because I have tried making a game myself.

I'll be patiently waiting on this she gacha mod! 

so no game

yes for now

i will actually finish the game eventually


No Need To Be Negative-

I Haven't Even Tried IT But I Think It's Good, If The Comments below are true(which  i think not) sO what? I Don't Even Know How to make one-

they are true, im trying to port to android and windows without powerpoint it's just so hard

(1 edit)

bruh i can,t play

powerpoint required

The worst game ever.


what its new?? In the images have... nothing

no the game is on hold for now


thanks so

When is the next update?




para estar eco en powerpoint no ta mal :>

¿Qué? No entiendo.

uhh..what is this ;-

uhh a game "like" gacha club or life

it's trash though

this game trash (in this state i guess





Hello! Don't stress when people ask for more... Stuff. Take the time you need. There's no rush. Take a  break if you need to. There's no harm, you're a human, you need rest. 

Also. Good game. I like the color scheme!


thx but im taking a break from the game.

I'm currently working on another game

All it shows for me is the blank character and then I can't do anything else, the buttons that show for me don't do anything :/

im just tired of working on multiple projects i just need a break idk how long but a break

its not opening

download real powerpoint and enable marcos

(1 edit)

i remember this game from back in 2020


i like how it looks!

(1 edit)

thank you ^-^

Cool like the ice

god im bad at jokes-


This game is cool

thank you ^-^

Can't play it yet, but I hope you can release it for Android soon :)

(1 edit)

will do my friend, will do, its just hard porting the entire game to the other game engine im using plus adding the actual customization

I got rickroll in the second update so i move it to recycle bin.



shut up!!!


Whats wrong?

(1 edit)

mhm whats wrong

edit: oh the other person who wouldnt shut up


$$$$$your richhh add me in roblox my name ship_me7ari you know where am i




you stupid

im srry:(




no u

yes fake itsicecreeperpe stupid

im sowy i just need friends everyone reject s me:(

u didnt have to pretend to be me then

yo quiero ser tu amiga

ill be your friend my roblox name is bunnycorn456790 hopefully we can play ^

ok add me im Maria_Ma77 u not weirdo :)

ok :)




duhh u are


am i a rat?


no cutie


& dont call me cutie


your just pretending to be itsicecreeper

I know because the real ItsIceCreeperPE is my friend

can he be my friend too?


hii cutie ari!


why your username icecreeperpe?




*gets mad*







(1 edit) (+1)

im gonnna kill him irl i know his location


and he like meh


oh cuz im better then you

no your not!


oh pls

WTF are you copying?!

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